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We’re on a spree, check out IKUU 1.3!

We’re happy to announce version 1.3 of IKUU!

We’re on a spree, check out IKUU 1.3!


We’re happy to announce version 1.3 of IKUU. We’ve developed some, nice & neat features that were requested by our users. Next to that we’ve made some improvements to improve the foundation of IKUU. This will make the development and deployment of future features faster and more efficient. IKUU has only just begun so this will help us in the long run!

This version also signifies the release of the first IKUU Enterprise features. Yay! Enterprise will allow our users to manage multiple campaigns and get grip on the performance of partner campaigns as well. Is this something you are struggling with? Let’s get in touch then,we’d be happy to hear more about your challenges.

We hope that you’re enjoying IKUU and are getting the results out of it that we envisioned when we were creating it! If you are having problems or have some specific features in mind let us know! Help us transform your problems into solutions and enrich the platform even more.

Let’s keep in touch!

Sven, Alex & Britt from IKUU.

New Features

Improved Website Analytics

Not long ago we launched the very first version of IKUU. We have not sat still since then! Let’s say improvements and expanding is just what we do ;). We’ve added a ‘nested’ view and implemented a search bar. You can now quickly find the page you’d like to analyse.

Visitor Source Analysis

The origin of your visitors and leads is of great importance when you’re analysing your campaigns. For this purpose we added the ‘Visitor Source Analysis’ functionality to our Website Analytics module. Click and discover which of your traffic campaign yield most visitors, conversions and even revenue (if your CRM system has been connected)!


Large corporations work with partners to help them with marketing and sales of their products. Getting insights in performance is often a difficult and cumbersome process. We’reaiming to solve this problem with IKUU Enterprise. Insights and intelligence can easily be communicated through our platform while our modules help you optimize your marketing funnels.

Added extra contact tags

We’ve added tags for Customers and Partners so you can further qualify your generated leads. Get more insights and yield better results!


Every release will solve some small bugs. The most important ones are listed below:

  • Fixed an error concerning the display of unique visitors in the website analytics module.
  • Various small tweaks.
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