About Us

The people behind IKUU

The IKUU philosophy unleash your full marketing potential

IKUU started with one simple thought, one philosophy. A belief that analyzing data must be accessible to everyone. Hence, IKUU was born. A user-friendly platform that helps you find new patterns across all your marketing data. No more guessing: from now on you know how to boost your sales effectiveness by improving your marketing efforts.

The logo is an elephant

An elephant is a special animal. It is accessible, large, studious, hardworking, helpful, intelligent and vigilant. All these qualities can easily be applied to IKUU. IKUU is a hyperintelligent customer data platform that will help you to map all your marketing data. It enriches data, monitor performance and makes sure that those insights are available for years to come. We won't forget anything, just like an elephant.

Meet the people behind IKUU

Britt Litjens
Britt Litjens
Customer Happiness Manager

Everybody wants to be happy right? When it comes to the IKUU platform and our services, Britt will make sure that you are. When all else fails she can always rely on her musical talents and play you a song🎸, but let's hope it doesn't come to that...

Sven Gaertman
Sven Gaertman
Front-end developer and designer

Sven is either fixing or breaking stuff👷. Sometimes both. As a coding designer (or designing coder) he strives for aestehically pleasing designs that do what they're supposed to do️. If you have any product suggestions or ideas you might get to know him better.

Alex Benou
Alex Benou
First one here

As the first one here Alex has seen the good, the bad and the ugly of IKUU🤠. Right now he is focussed mainly on the backend and the development of new features that will allow our users to get more intelligence out of their data.

We are always looking for bright minds that will help us reach higher ground. If you feel you've got what it takes please reach out to us!