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IKUU v1.2 has been released!

We’re happy to announce version 1.2 of IKUU!

IKUU v1.2 has been released!

Since the launch of v1.1 of IKUU, we have received a lot of input from all our devoted users. Constructive feedback that we have prioritized, and backlogged and worked on.

We present the first IKUU upgrade ever: valuable to all our users. Behind the screens, we invested a lot of time to enrich v1.1. But a lot of time has been eaten up by the process of getting our website up to spec with our new platform. The results of which you can see here. Now that this hurdle has been cleared, the further development of IKUU will receive our full attention. So expect bigger, better and frequent releases in the very near future. Ready to not get disappointed?

New Features

At IKUU, new releases come hand in hand with new and exciting features to help you do better and bigger marketing and sales. Read all about them below (or click the links to try them out right this second). The data from each platform is ingested, using our custom ETL tool, and standardized to fit the needs of our marketing intelligence solution.

We’ve added a new lead overview

A new way to explore your leads. Filter, sort and find the prospects you are interested in. Access this feature through the IKUU Search dashboard and simply click “See more”.

We’ve extend the webpage analysis functionality

Global website statistics are nice and all that, but don’t you just want to look at the performance of a single webpage? It won’t surprise you: with IKUU v1.2, you can. Navigate to Website Analytics, click on “Details” to find out more about a specific webpage.

A new prospect tag has been added

Labeling contacts helps you to get organized. However, multiple users informed us that they were missing a tag category. Which is why we’ve added the “Uninteresting” category for people that just aren’t that interesting. Tagging them will make them disappear from your suggestions and will let your colleagues know that you’ve checked and qualified that lead. Happy tagging!

A settings page was added

Changing your personal settings is something that was still missing from IKUU. That’s why we’ve added a settings page that allows you to change your password. Later on this page will evolve into the preference center that can be used to set all future preference settings. The settings menu can be accessed through the main navigation on the side of the screen.


Every release will solve some small bugs. The most important ones are listed below:

  • Website analysis has been reworked to increase performance and decrease frequency of edge case failure.
  • Favicon has been updated to reflected our new color scheme.
  • Updated label styling.
  • Several small fixes and changes.

Feedback and Updates

Please keep sending your feedback. We are super dedicated to improving IKUU. By telling us your suggestions you have a say in what we are creating and improving in our coming releases. Help us to help you!

Feel free to reach out to us!


Sven, Alex & Britt from IKUU.

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