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Our obstacle-free, IKUU philosophy!

No theory, but practice. IKUU is here. A hyperintelligent system that takes your entire company to the next level. IKUU not only means a major increase in efficiency in your sales and marketing department, it also makes data analysis affordable. The IKUU application generates a 360-degree view of your leads, with which you become the in-house expert in the field of data. It’s as simple as that.

Our obstacle-free, IKUU philosophy!

The IKUU philosophy

IKUU is an ingenious elaboration of something that started with one simple thought. A philosophy. The belief that analyzing data must become accessible to anyone.

All your data collected

This philosophy led to the birth of IKUU: a user friendly platform that displays data more detailed than ever. The system collects all (raw) data in one “big data collection”: the Customer Data Platform (CDP).

Data that is generated by direct mail, CRM, or social media (to name a few examples) is enriched by IKUU with extra information. Data such as RSIN-numbers from the Chamber of Commerce. This way you get a complete picture of your marketing data. And no matter how much data you link, the data analysis remains operative at the highest level.

In addition, IKUU gives clear insight in all your data. In this way IKUU not only shows the amount of leads that a marketing campaign has created, but also how, and in which way this lead came in And it shows the role of your marketing and sales in this process.

Be confronted by the quantity of insights

What is the contribution of your marketing campaign to the turnover you achieved? To what extent is your sales department effective in finding new opportunities in the market? IKUU provides direct insight into this data. SIn this way, your future marketing campaigns become more effective and efficient. IKUU differentiates two sources for each lead: Marketing Intelligence (MI) and Sales Module (SM). The system shows you whether the lead has been acquired through sales, or marketing activities. An incentive for the departments to work smarter together. So be warned: IKUU offers so much insight, that you might feel confronted by it. IKUU also distinguishes Sales Sourced, Marketing Generated, or Marketing Influenced leads.

  • If a customer interacts with marketing outings during the sales process, the lead is “Marketing Influenced”.
  • Sales Sourced refers to customers who are directly generated by sales.
  • Marketing Generated refers to customers for whom leads are generated through marketing.

IKUU intelligence: your intelligent advisor

We also welcome IKUU Intelligence. A digital consultant who provides an overview of all your data. In this way you know exactly where, when, and to what extent your campaign will achieve its goal. Or which leads to call on which subject.

IKUU Enterprise

Does your company collaborate with different partners on multiple campaigns? Do you want insight into which partners, and therefore which campaigns, yield the highest returns for you? IKUU Enterprise aggregates, and analyzes all campaign data of all partners for you. Regardless of the number of data sources. You compare the results of your partners in an accessible overview. That way, you know whether to adjust, or to end a campaign. Read more about IKUU Enterprise.

More intelligence coming soon…

The forecast of our IKUU philosophy: predict the journey of your customer. In this way, you can see in how many months a collaboration is likely to end, and what the cause of that is. IKUU then advises on strategic actions that will boost your collaboration. With IKUU you generate sustainable and valuable relationships!

Interested? Download our e-book about 4 common marketing analytics challenges!

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